Who is eligible for Landed?

Landed is currently available to essential professionals (educators, healthcare professionals, and government employees) across the country.

To be eligible for Landed you simply need to work at an eligible employer and work at least 20 hours per week. For information on where you can buy a home with Landed, view this article.

Determining Eligibility

To see if you're eligible, visit landed.com/signup. There you’ll be asked to confirm your employer. Don’t see your employer or city? We expect to expand to other cities across the United States soon! Please contact our team about your interest in bringing Landed to a new city or partner.

For those interested in the down payment program, you can learn more about eligibility for that particular program here.

Other Resources

Buying a home is possible, and so is getting prepared for the journey. Read up on our homebuying education resources to get to know the full homebuying process, and when you’re ready to take action, send us an email at customer@landed.com