What is the property review process?

We review every property to make sure it’s a good opportunity and long-term investment for our customers.

Our aim is to be a good partner to Landed homebuyers and a good steward for our impact investors. When you're ready to make an offer on a home, we'll need some information before you submit your offer to the seller(s):

Your Landed partner agent will submit these for you via the Agent Web App. Once Landed has both pieces of information, you and your agent will automatically receive a property-specific approval letter to include in your offer package. In this letter, we will indicate our support and reinforce the strength of your offer on the home.

Note: Landed's down payment program typically does not co-invest alongside customers purchasing new construction condos, new construction townhomes, properties with major deferred maintenance, or properties that are part of HOA's with outstanding litigation. 

For questions related to what types of properties are eligible, view this article. Reach out to your Homebuying Programs Lead for a more comprehensive list of Landed’s red flag items.

Review Process Post-Accepted Offer

In order to fully approve a property for the down payment program, Landed will still need to review more information. Some of this information may not be available until after you have an accepted offer. We will review the following documentation as it becomes available:

  • Property Inspection
  • Seller disclosures (if available)
  • Preliminary Title Report
  • HOA documentation (if HOA is responsible for structural repairs)

Landed's property review team will look over these property reports, send you back helpful notes, and call out any major red flags. Generally the turnaround time for review is 24 hours.