What is the Landed Portal?

Signing up for our down payment program just got easier! Search for eligible homes, sign your Welcome letter, and manage closing in the Landed Portal.

Where can I create an account?

Accounts are created during the sign-up process. To get started:

    1. Go to landed.com
    2. Click the green  ‘Sign up’ button
    3. Input your name and employer
    4. If eligible, you’ll be prompted to create an account

    Note: The Landed Portal is not available in all states. If you do not see the ‘create an account’ option, don’t worry, a Relationship Manager can help you set up an account at your initial call.

    What are the benefits of having an account?

    We’re excited to be a part of your homebuying journey! There are many benefits to having an account on the Landed Portal, here are some noteworthy ones:

      • Explore all that Landed has to offer - including service beyond our down payment program!
      • Get matched to local partner agents and lenders that fit your needs.
      • Access all down payment program essentials in one place.
      • Homebuy at your own pace - search, connect, and manage your process.
      • Lastly, chat with your Landed team  :)

      How do I log in after setting it up?

      Account owners are able to log in through the sign-in page. Instructions for revisiting the Landed Portal are sent via email after your account is created, but we strongly recommend bookmarking the page for ease of access.

      I started the portal questionnaire, but want to talk to someone before I continue. What should I do?

      Not a problem, we welcome your questions! You can book a call using the ‘Schedule a call’ link provided in your account. 

      What if I have follow-up questions? Can I talk to someone from my account?

      We welcome all of your questions! You can send follow-up questions to members of your homebuying team via email or phone call.

      Contact details and instructions are provided in your account, but you can always email us at customer@landed.com for assistance.

      What if I forget my password?

      No problem! You can restore your account access by clicking ‘Reset password’ on the sign-in page.

      I'm buying a house with another person. Should my co-buyer sign up for a Landed account too?

      Unfortunately, no. We do not support dual log-ins to one account at this time. The co-buyer will need to share an account with you.

      I accidentally created more than one account. What should I do?

      No problem, we can help! Email us at customer@landed.com for technical support. 

      Is it possible to buy a house in a different area than my employer's location? 

      Yes, that is possible!

      Please book a call with a Relationship Manager for assistance. You can do this by clicking the ‘Schedule a call’ link in your account.