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What is Landed's down payment program?

Our shared equity down payment program provides up to $120,000 to help essential professionals reach a 20% down payment, with no income restrictions. Learn more below.



We’ve found that many essential professionals – and their families – are able to afford the monthly payment on a standard mortgage loan. But when you’re spending thousands of dollars on rent each month in an expensive housing market, saving for a 20% down payment can be nearly impossible.

Many cities offer down payment assistance programs, but they can be restrictive and difficult to understand. The Landed team can help you navigate these choices and even offers our own down payment program in the case you decide that's a better fit for you and your family.

Landed's down payment program is designed to help essential professionals reach at least a 20% down payment. The goal is to help our customers avoid private mortgage insurance (PMI). Landed can contribute up to 15% of the purchase price (up to $120,000) into your down payment, which means we ask homebuyers to contribute at least 5%. Terms are subject to change periodically.

When you buy a home with the down payment program, you have up to 30 years to choose when to end the partnership with Landed. At the time that you end the partnership, you pay Landed the initial investment we put into your down payment, plus a portion of the home's change in value.

Essential professionals who choose to use our down payment program don’t need to pay Landed anything during the 30-year term unless they decide to sell their home or buy out Landed.

As shared equity, Landed shares in the ups and downs of the home’s value, and if you need to sell when the market is down, we will share in the loss. 

More information is available here.