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What is Landed's down payment program?

It is a shared equity down payment program that helps essential professionals (educators, healthcare professionals, and government employees) reach a 20% down payment, without income restrictions. Learn more below.

We’ve found that many essential professionals – and their families – are able to afford the monthly payment on a standard mortgage loan. But when you’re spending thousands of dollars on rent each month in an expensive housing market, saving for a 20% down payment can be nearly impossible.

This is where Landed is potentially able to help.

Investment amounts

Landed's down payment program is designed to help essential professionals reach at least a 20% down payment, and avoid private mortgage insurance (PMI). In many of our eligible areas, Landed can contribute up to 15% (up to $120k, depending on region) of the purchase price towards your down payment, which brings the homebuyer’s contribution to at least 5%.

These terms are subject to change based on a number of factors, including those set by down payment program investors.

Landed can offer up to $120k in down payment assistance in most areas, but can offer as much as $150k in MA, NY, RI, most of NJ (excluding Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester counties), and Pike County, PA. Please contact a Landed representative for more details.



Many customers exit their relationship through refinance within 3 to 5 years, however, the term of the program is up to 30 years.

Employer Commitment 

You agree to remain with your employer for two years following the purchase of the home. 

If you were to voluntarily leave your employer, that would initiate the end of your partnership at that time. There have been cases where homeowners switched from one qualifying employer to another, so it’s best to email us at customer@landed.com to discuss your options. 

For those who were to get furloughed, or laid off, (essentially leave your position unwillingly) this does not affect your partnership with Landed or force you into an early termination.

Ending the Partnership

When the partnership ends, you pay Landed an amount equal to the original down payment investment, plus a share of the appreciation/depreciation (if any) of the home’s purchase price. Here is how we calculate the appreciation/depreciation share:

For every 1% Landed contributes, Landed shares in 3.3% of the appreciation (or depreciation, if any).

Let's say you contribute 12% towards the down payment. That means you’ll need Landed to contribute 8% for you to reach a total 20% down payment. In this scenario, Landed's down payment program would share in 26.4% of the future change in value.

Here’s the math:

Landed’s contribution (8%) X Landed’s share of the future value (3.3%) = 26.4%

As a shared equity program, Landed shares in the ups and downs of the home’s value, and if you need to sell when the market is down, we will share in the loss. 

For more information on the down payment program process and steps, click here.