What is Landed's agent network?

We’ve partnered with high-quality real estate agents in your area to help guide you through your home search. Just like our participating lenders, these agents have worked with many essential professionals and their families.

Our agents value your contributions to the community. Should you choose to use our down payment program, Landed has trained each of these agents so they’re well-versed in how Landed’s program works. Sign up here to connect with a Landed partner agent now. We'll introduce you to an experienced professional who has helped people like you buy a home!

The Landed agent network is an exclusive network offered to essential professionals – with high-performing, local agents who share our values.

  • When it comes to picking a real estate agent, we are excited to offer every qualified buyer access to our Landed agent network. 
  • The Landed agent network is an exclusive network of some of the best agents in every community we serve. 
  • Each agent is high-performing, vetted, trained, and committed to our mission of supporting essential professionals. 
  • When a homebuyer decides to work with Landed, you will have access to this network and work with Landed to pick an agent who fits your needs. 

Over 90% of Landed homebuyers say they'd recommend their agent to another employee looking to purchase a home.

When you choose an agent from Landed’s network and use Landed's down payment program:

  • Landed network agents receive a commission from the seller, and they share a portion of this commission with Landed. This allows us to provide our down payment program and the amazing experience that comes with it. 
  • While we offer access to our agent network at no additional cost, we also recognize some people will want to work with their own, non-Landed agent.
    If you work with an out-of-network agent, you won’t receive the benefits of a Landed partner agent and you’ll pay Landed a fee of 0.75% of the purchase price of the home, which is waived when working with Landed partner agents. In our experience, this fee is typically covered by the out-of-network agent, but can be covered by the homebuyer. 

If you are interested in being connected with a Landed network agent, sign up here. We'll introduce you to an experienced agent who has helped essential professionals like you buy a home!