What information do you require to approve a property?

Landed reviews properties to educate and empower homebuyers.

Our purpose for reviewing the property is to support you, the homebuyer, by ensuring the safety, habitability, and investment value of your property.

Landed’s approval process requires a full and satisfactory review of the following documents:

    • The general home inspection report 
    • All seller disclosures that are provided to the buyer 
    • Homeowners association documents (if applicable)

Based on what is found in the general home inspection report, Landed may require additional inspections to render a property approval decision.

During our review, we will pinpoint key information from all of these documents and note any potential "green," "yellow" and "red flags". Your agent will send us these documents as they become available and we will send back notes within 24 hours.

Note: Any required action items and additional cost will need to be covered by the homebuyer.