What if I want Landed's down payment program to contribute less than 10% down?

You do not need to use a full 10% down payment contribution from Landed's down payment program.

In some instances, our customers are able to contribute more than 10% towards the down payment themselves, meaning they require a smaller contribution from Landed's down payment program in order to reach a 20% down payment.

Our goal is to be as flexible as possible. Every home purchase is different, and you may not need exactly 10%. We've supported transactions in which we contributed 5% down or 8% down. When we contribute less than 10% down, the future appreciation/depreciation sharing also changes proportionally. For every 1% Landed contributes, Landed shares in 2.5% of the appreciation (or depreciation, if any).

Here's an example:

Let's say you contribute 15% towards the down payment. You only need us to contribute 5% towards the down payment in order for you to reach 20%. That means Landed's down payment program would share in 12.5% of the future change in value.


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