What does Landed require prior to funding a property?

Your Landed homebuying team will walk you through the closing process requirements.

But for now, here is a list of general requirements:
  • Commitment to work with a Landed partner agent OR pay Landed’s 1.25% service fee. More details here.
  • Completed and signed purchase agreement. (Your agent sends this to us when your offer is accepted)
  • Satisfactory completion of Landed customer identity verification. (When your offer is accepted we will send instructions on this)
  • Delivery of acceptable appraisal. The appraisal must be a full appraisal and has to be reviewed and approved by Landed. (Your lender or your agent will send this to us when it is finalized) 
  • Landed property approval. See What does Landed need to approve a property? for more information.
  • Final commitment to fund by the first mortgage lender. PLEASE let us know if you were matched with more than one lender than the one you want to get your mortgage from! (Your lender sends us this in escrow)
  • Final closing estimate and confirmation of final sale information. (Your agent sends us this in escrow)
  • Delivery of final closing documents signed by the buyers. (Provided by escrow)