Does Landed’s down payment program put a lien on my home?

Yes. Landed is not an owner of record on your home, rather a second lien is put on the property.

Our goal is to help you get into the right home without getting in your way. It is very common for homeowners to have a lien on their home. If you have a mortgage, then you definitely have a voluntary lien on the home from the lender that financed the purchase. 

A lien is a claim that gives the lender who financed the home a legal right to the property. Voluntary liens are common and can be removed once the mortgage is paid, or in the case of Landed, the down payment funds and appreciation share are paid at the end of the partnership.

Landed is not a co-owner, or owner of record on the home. Instead a second lien is placed on the property to solidify Landed’s co-investment.

In most states this takes the form of a Deed of trust, but in Hawai‘i, the security investment is a mortgage.

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