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What is Landed’s Code of Conduct?

At Landed, we believe we are all interconnected and interdependent: in one way, shape or form, we all have a duty to uphold each other in order to ensure our world goes ‘round.

As such, we've established baseline expectations for everyone who actively works within the Landed ecosystem (e.g., customers, Landed team members, employer partners, vendors, etc.). 

Read the full Code of Conduct here.

What happens if someone violates the Code of Conduct?

Egregious and/or consistent misses against these expectations will make it impossible for us to effectively work together.

Therefore, we may decide to end our relationship with you as a result of confirmed behavior out of line with these expectations (though, we really hope it never comes to this!). Claims of violation will be assessed and an action determined, such as a warning, suspension, and/or termination of relationship with Landed, if necessary. Depending on the severity of the transgression, we may choose to report transgressors to the authorities.

If you have feedback or a claim to submit, please contact conduct@landed.com.