I'm a real estate agent. How do I join Landed's agent network?

We typically source agents through existing partnerships with real estate brokerages. This ensures that each agent is vetted, trained, and committed to our mission to support essential professionals such as educators.

If you are currently working with an eligible homebuyer who is interested in using Landed's down payment program, please have your homebuyer submit an application here. If they are financially ready and plan on using you as their real estate agent, we will get in touch about onboarding.


If you aren't currently working with a homebuyer interested in using Landed's down payment program: Please note that at this time, we are not recruiting new agents into our referral network.

You can apply to our agent waitlist by filling out an application here.


If you do find an eligible essential professional interested in buying a home with Landed support, please reach out to agents@landed.com at any time.


Thank you for your interest in supporting essential professionals on their homebuying journey!