How will Landed's down payment program make my offer more competitive?

Many cities offer down payment assistance programs, but they can be restrictive and difficult to understand.

When using Landed, you’ll receive a tailored homebuying team that helps you source through possible routes of homeownership for your household. One of the most popular routes of homebuying with Landed is through our shared equity down payment program.

Benefits of Landed’s Down Payment Program

In the areas where we work, the real estate market is highly competitive. By partnering with Landed, essential professionals are able to bring at least 20% of the down payment, and avoid private mortgage insurance (PMI).

Homebuyers have found Landed's participation in the process to be highly educational as well as a great selling point in their offer package. We work hard to match you with the right homebuying experts, help articulate the strength of your offer by writing a support letter, and much more.

Landed Homebuying Team

In addition, you'll work with a tailored homebuying team that includes a trustworthy partner agent, a participating lender, and a Landed homebuying expert who supports you from closing to the end of your partnership with Landed.

Landed partner agent:

  • Over 90% of transacted customers would recommend their Landed partner agent to a family member or friend.

Participating lender:

  • Our participating lenders know Landed’s programs and have experience working with essential professionals (defined as educators, healthcare professionals, and government employees).

Landed homebuying lead:

  • Our team has 40+ years of experience and can support you in modifying your offer by reviewing property reports, flagging areas of concern or risk, and so much more.

If you’re ready to begin your Landed homebuying journey, your next step is to confirm your eligibility by signing up.

Still gathering information? Or need more time to prepare? View our homebuying education resources to get in the know on everything homebuying.