I already own a home. Can I still work with Landed?

Yes! Landed can help you with the entire home sale process (and your next home purchase).

Preparing to sell your home can feel overwhelming, but we’re ready to support you through the new (or repeat) process.

Here are some things to keep in mind when preparing to sell:

    • Choose the right agent. It’s the most important decision you’ll make. Your choice of agent strongly impacts your experience and the amount of money you’ll make from the sale.
  • Gather the necessary paperwork. Some of the documents you must have readily available include: home title, mortgage, and renovations/improvements.
  • Declutter the common areas. Pack up items you don’t use often; this will help the home look more spacious and inviting to interested homebuyers.
  • Remove your personal photos/items. Neutralizing the home helps homebuyers visualize themselves in the space. And removing personal photos increases your family’s privacy during viewings.
  • Repair small maintenance issues. A home that appears well-maintained typically brings a higher offer than one with prominent issues. When buyers see needed repairs, they begin to wonder if there are more hidden issues.

When it comes to selling your home, being prepared for the journey does make a difference. Landed’s home sale program supports you with experienced agents and a personalized support team. All in an effort to make your overall experience a memorable one.

Need more time to prepare? Or still in the information gathering phase? Check out our blog on how to get ready for selling your home.We take a closer look at the tips mentioned above.