Are Landed’s participating lender rates competitive?

Yes, our participating lenders all offer competitive rates. See below for more details.

Our goal is to help put Landed homebuyers in the strongest financial position to enter the housing market, and having a competitive interest rate is a big component of that.

Traditionally, homebuyers put down a 20% down payment to get the lowest interest rates on their loan and avoid private mortgage insurance (PMI). But it isn’t uncommon for homebuyers to put down less than 20%, and for those that go that route, they are likely to have higher interest rates. You can read more about both scenarios here.


Our participating lenders have agreed to offer Landed homebuyers the same competitive rates they offer to those buying without Landed's down payment program. And we’ve heard from some Landed homebuyers that the participating lender they’re working with have rate matched, if they were quoted a lower interest rate elsewhere. 

Interested in knowing how Landed can help you? We’d be happy to introduce you to a participating lender, you can email us at to get the process started.