When do I pay Landed?

When you purchase a home with Landed, you enter into an agreement that lasts up to 30 years. You pay Landed at the end of the 30 year term or when you exit the agreement, whichever comes first.

There are no monthly payments associated with Landed's down payment support. You can end your partnership with Landed prior to the end of the 30 year term in two ways: (1) by selling your home, or (2) by buying out Landed without selling your home. For customers who opt to buy Landed out without selling their home, this can be done by refinancing with their lender, or by paying Landed directly with funds from savings, investments, or gifts. You have control over when and how to end the partnership. The only restriction is that you must pay Landed by the end of the 30 year term, or Landed may exercise its option to purchase an interest in the property. However, you don't have to wait until the end of 30 years -- you can buy Landed out early.