What happens if I end my partnership with Landed, but I don’t want to sell my home?

If you want to stay in the home beyond the Landed term, you can buy Landed out of its stake in your home. You will owe us the original Landed investment plus 25% of the appreciation (or minus 25% of the depreciation) in the home's value.

If you’re interested in ending the partnership without selling your home, you’ll need to notify Landed to start the process. You will pay us back the original Landed investment, plus 25% of the appreciation (or 25% of the deprecation) in the home's value. The amount that you pay back depends on what has happened to the value of your home. We'll share together if things go well, and we'll also share together if they don't.

We will schedule a time for an independent appraiser to come evaluate your home and determine the value. Once the appraisal is complete and you’ve lined up the money to repay Landed, you’ll be able to end your Landed partnership. Easy as that!