Can I purchase any type of home with Landed's down payment program?

Our program is designed to provide you with flexibility. You are able to purchase a single-family home, condominium, townhome, duplex, or fourplex.

Landed's down payment program aims to help you purchase the home that best meets your needs. Here is what we can support:

  • single-family home
  • condominium
  • townhome
  • duplex
  • fourplex

We cannot support:

  • raw land
  • mobile home
  • land lease, i.e. not fee simple title
  • certain deed-restricted properties, including BMR (below market rate) or transfer restriction such as co-op
  • any unit in a 2-6 unit apartment building purchased as tenancies in common (TIC) and/or any properties that must be fractionally financed with a TIC loan