Who can I work with as my lender?

We have an established network of participating lending institutions who understand how to work with Landed.

Loan officers at each participating lending institution have received training from us and can assist you in buying a home in partnership with Landed’s programs and services.

Lender Options

With Landed Down Payment Program

If you're interested in using Landed's down payment program, we will connect you with a trained loan officer from one of our participating lenders. They are well versed in the Landed partnership and can easily help you through the lending process. 

Lenders will vary in each region we operate in. Click here to view a list of some of our participating lenders by region.

Without Down Payment

We work hard to provide homebuyers with as many lending options as possible. If you’re not planning to use down payment funds, you also have the option to work with a lender outside of our network of participating lenders. 

Email us at customer@landed.com to learn how to use Landed’s services while working with an out-of-network lender.