What are the benefits to working with Landed?

There are many potential benefits to working with Landed. Here are some of those benefits noted by Landed homeowners:

Camille and Marlin's Story: Choosing Your Moment

Marlin Williford8-min

Camille and Marlin had been thinking about buying a home since 2019. But it was the pandemic, and accompanying jump in home sales, that finally made them decide 2021 was the year to buy. They were impressed by Landed’s speed of response and support. “We liked Landed’s shared appreciation model, which offered more favorable terms that other down payment options, some of which charged interest, for example,” Camille said. Read the full story

Emerson's Story: The Partner Agent Advantage


Emerson, who is a Clinical Operations Manager at the University of California, San Francisco, wanted to live in the city where he grew up. As a first-time buyer, he was nervous about picking the right neighborhood. While he didn’t need a down payment partner, he was excited to learn Landed could also connect him with a vetted Landed partner agent to help an essential professional like him find a great place. Read the full story

Cliff and James' Story: Everything on the Wish List

James & Cliff - 041-min

Cliff and James, who met in Chicago and moved to Hawai'i three years ago, first reached out to Landed in 2019. Their original plan was to wait until after they got married to buy, but COVID-19 intervened. While checking home listings online, they made their wish list for their new home: ample space for James to work from home, outdoor space to entertain guests and grow a garden, and plenty of room for their dog, Pele. Read the full story

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