What is the real estate agent policy?

Do you already have a real estate agent? Read the overview below to understand our agent policy.

96% of Landed homebuyers say they'd recommend their Landed partner agent to another school employee looking to purchase a home.

Your homebuying team

We build a personalized team around each homebuyer to deliver a fantastic experience.

Our goal is for every educator who works with Landed to have an experience tailored to your individual needs. We create a supportive, all-star team of professionals who understand your life circumstances. Every homebuying team consists of a Landed homebuying expert, a real estate agent, and a loan officer. These team members work together seamlessly to help you find your dream home.

We’ve sought out high-quality real estate agents in your area to help guide you through your home search. Just like our participating lenders, these agents have worked with many school employees and their families, and they value educators’ contributions to our community.

Should you choose to use our down payment program, Landed has trained each of these agents so they’re well-versed in how Landed’s program works. 

Landed's agent network – and your choices.

When it comes to picking a real estate agent, we are excited to offer every qualified educator access to our Landed agent network. The Landed agent network is an exclusive network of some of the best agents in every community we serve. Each agent is high-performing, vetted, trained, and committed to our mission of supporting essential professionals. When a homebuyer decides to work with Landed, you will have access to this network and work with Landed to pick an agent who fits your needs. 

Each homebuyer can choose the team that is right for you.

It's important that each homebuyer who chooses to work with Landed can choose the team that is right for you and your family. While we offer an agent network at no additional cost to you, we also recognize some people will want to work with their own non-Landed agent, or no agent at all. That's okay.

Here is how the process works in that case: For any homebuyer who would like to work with an out-of-network agent or no agent, there is a fee owed to Landed of 0.75% of the purchase price of the home. This fee is typically covered by the out-of-network agent but can be covered by the homebuyer, depending on your situation. The fee covers what Landed would normally receive from our Landed network agents, and it’s how we are able to provide this flexibility to you.

When you choose an agent from Landed’s network, Landed's down payment program is available free of charge.

Landed network agents receive a commission from the seller, and they share a portion of this commission with Landed. This allows us to provide our down payment program and the amazing experience that comes with it – with no additional cost passed on to you. 

If you have a strong preference for using your own out-of-network agent, or not using an agent at all, you can make that choice and pay the fee. Ultimately, we want what’s best for you and your life, and we don't want to limit your choices. 

What if I don't want to use an agent at all?

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Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at customer@landed.com.