I already have a real estate agent I've been working with prior to contacting Landed. Will I be able to work with them if I decide to continue with Landed?

Our goal is for every single homebuyer who works with Landed to have a fantastic experience tailored to their individual needs. Our objective is to build a highly responsive, smart team of professionals that fit the needs of each homebuyer.

We build a customized team around each homebuyer and deliver a fantastic experience.

  • Every homebuyer team will consist of a Landed point person, a loan officer, and a real estate agent. Each of these team members will work together seamlessly to help every person find their dream home.

Each homebuyer can choose the team that is right for them.

  • It's extremely important that each educator who chooses to work with Landed can choose the right team for them. While we offer a Landed Agent Network that is completely free to access we also recognize some people will want to work with their own agent, or no agent at all. That's totally fine. For any homebuyer who wants to work with their own agent, or no agent at all, there would be a fee owed to Landed of 0.75% of the purchase price of the home. This fee is typically covered by agents but can also be paid directly by the homebuyer depending on the situation.

When a homebuyer chooses not to work with a Landed Agent there is a fee.

  • Typically in a home transaction the seller of the home covers the full cost of the commission of their agent AND the buyer's agent (This is usually about 3% of the purchase price for each agent). So when your agent pays Landed a portion of that 3% (usually they pay us 0.75% of the purchase price) it allows us to provide down payment support AND the amazing experience that comes with it with no additional cost passed on to the homebuyer. Ultimately, we don't want to limit anyone to working just with our agent network though. If you have a strong preference for using your own agent, or not using an agent at all, you can make that choice and pay the fee.